Tangled Souls Trilogy

Tangled Souls


When evil catches you, there are only two choices: bow, or break your chains.

Delaney’s bow to no one.

As a part-time witch and full-time university librarian, Shawn Basilman is not looking for love, or trouble. But when they both come knocking, she can’t seem to turn them away.

After her gaslighting, demon-summoning, soon-to-be-ex storms out of her life, Luke Panteran breezes in.  Resisting the panther-shifter gets harder by the minute, but Shawn wonders if she can trust her battered heart to a new love when the ink on her divorce isn’t even dry yet.

On a visit home, Shawn learns the secret of her heritage and receives the soul-stone — an ancient talisman that promises more power than she’s ever dreamed of. Trouble is, she’s not the only one with a claim to it, and her enemy is willing to kill to take it from her.

With the stakes rising, Shawn must gamble everything she has to save the only things that matter.

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Straddling two worlds extracts a dangerous cost.

Jackson Delaney’s unique ability to “pathwalk” nearly got him killed on the battlefield. Haunted by a mysterious beauty who may not even be real, he returns home determined to start over, and to leave all traces of the supernatural behind.

But the magic isn’t ready to leave him alone, and there is price for every gift.

With the revelation of a hidden past, and the inheritance of a talisman so powerful that his enemies are willing to kill to get it back, Jackson is threatened by forces more deadly than any weapon he faced in combat.  When the mystery woman shows up again, he must discover whether she is a threat, a distraction, or the key to his future.

In a race against the darkness that threatens them, can Maeve teach Jackson to wield his new power in time to defeat the forces coming against them, or will the struggle to survive destroy them both?

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They may have history, but that doesn’t mean they have a future.

As high school sweethearts, Declan and Isabelle have history, but that doesn’t mean they have a future together.

Five years after graduation, Declan Delaney is a dedicated EMT with a gift for empathy and a talent for magic. Isabelle Ramirez is a feisty witch with big dreams and a yearning for independence.

When Declan’s gift comes between them, Isabelle focuses on her ambition, even though it means breaking both their hearts. Then Isabelle walks away, and Declan knows he’s lost the only woman he’ll ever love. As adversaries new and old stalk his family, Declan inherits a magical talisman that his enemies will kill to obtain. But when his magical inheritance is revealed to the wrong people, both their lives are in danger.

With the fate of two worlds on the line, Isabelle and Declan must choose.  Can they learn to accept each other, and the love they share, before it’s too late?

If you like witches, untamed magic, and second chances, you will love Leigh Roman’s action-packed tale of unstoppable love. Buy Forged to renew your faith in the mystical force of true love today.

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