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This page is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of magickal things. I will share resources, definitions, spells and other things as I feel they might be helpful to visitors. If you have suggestions of things you’d like me to add, feel free to use the contact link to get in touch.

The Goddess and the Green Man is an excellent website with great general information as well as merch. For the basics of the craft, and inspiration for those interested in expanding their spiritual horizons, I have found Erin Dragonsong to be helpful.

All stones are grounded in the Earth and powered by the moon. They do require cleansing and charging occasionally. For the first, wash the crystal in cool water and dry, then visualize white light surrounding and filling the stone. Alternatively, you may pass the stone through sage smoke or incense to banish negative energy a crystal may have gathered during use.

For the second, simply place your stones in the light of a full moon overnight. A windowsill or outside is fine.

Using the right crystal for your purpose can amplify the effect you desire. If you desire clarity of thought, wear white or clear quartz. It will also strengthen the energy of any spell. For success in love, rose quartz is your crystal. Aventurine is excellent for prosperity spells while amethyst lends any working balance and the benefit of higher wisdom. Feeling indecisive or weak? Try wearing tiger eye for a bit, or casting a confidence spell with this stone as a focal point.

If you are interested in the meanings and uses of crystals, this is a short list I’ve composed from various sources:

Clear Quartz: Awareness, Amplifying Energy, Clarity

Rose Quartz: Unconditional love, Emotional healing, compassion

Aventurine: Prosperity, Well-being, good luck

Amethyst: Intuition, balance, higher wisdom

Tiger Eye: Willpower, warrior spirit, self-motivation

Grove and Grotto has a much longer list and more information on these stones and many more.

The basis of magick working is intention. Without it, nothing is possible. With it, the possibilities are nearly limitless. In everything you do, remember these two things:

  1. Three times good or three times ill, all you do comes back to you.
  2. So long as it harms none, you may do as you will.

There is both freedom and peril in these two statements. Keep in mind that magick is meant to benefit you without hurting anyone else. If you wish harm or trouble on someone, you may find it camped on your doorstep when you turn around.

We all have moments of anxiety and negativity. If you are feeling anxious, try a version of this simple spell:

  • Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Even a bathroom stall will do in a pinch. Orient yourself to the cardinal compass points. (There are compass apps that are extremely useful, but if you aren’t sure of the proper directions, don’t worry. The universe will understand and the divine grant you grace.)
  • Close your eyes and visualize a globe of pure light surrounding you. Hold on to this vision as you proceed.
  • Take a series of deep, cleansing breaths – in through the nose, out through the mouth. Focus on your breath as it enters your lungs, filling them all the way to the bottom, and as it leaves in a gentle, complete exhale. Repeat in multiples of three until you feel settled and ready. 
  • Visualize the light driving out any negative energy or dark entities, creating a clean space to cast your circle or simply to exist in a calmer state.
  •  As you visualize this light, do the following:
  • If possible, turn slowly, clockwise, while you: 
  • Face East, then North: By the power of air and fire, I cleanse this space of anxiety and welcome peace. 
  • Face West, then South: By the power of water and earth, I cleanse this space of negativity and welcome positive energy.
  • Face east to close the protected space, then center. Standing still, attention turned upward: By the grace of the divine, I cleanse this space of negativity, and welcome blessings. 
  • If turning with your eyes closed isn’t feasible, simply repeat the cleansing in your mind while firmly holding the visualization of white light driving out the dark. 

This spell gathers in the gentle power of the universe through the cardinal points and your own life-giving breath. If you have some white quartz to hold while you cast, so much the better as this will amplify the calming energy you are summoning. Don’t worry if you don’t have the wording above exact. Your intention is the important part.







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