The Unborn Space Opera: Hive Trilogy

Learn to expect the impossible…

Orphan turned successful businesswoman, Tessa Graham, has spent a lifetime achieving financial success by building CySec, the most advanced cyber-security firm in the world.  She isn’t interested in anything that might derail her current path.

But when an extra-terrestrial appears at the G8 summit with a dire warning and an extreme demand, the EPA enlists her help. Not only will she be using her skills against the world’s worst polluters, she’ll be teamed up with Devon Michaels, demi-god of a cutting-edge tech empire. The fact that he’s also insanely good-looking is just a bonus. As the pair work to expose the devastating environmental impact inherent in the operations of three of the U.S.’s biggest companies, both Tessa and Devon are attacked by hired assassins.

But such concerns seem almost trivial as natural disasters on an unprecedented scale stalk the Earth. Worse yet, an alien enemy singles Tessa out as the means to destroy humankind forever. Faced with impossible odds, she must fight to stay alive while developing the tech that will enable humans to escape a doomed Earth. Can she defeat humankind’s worst nightmare before she’s forced to pay the ultimate cost?

Fans of Ursula LeGuin, Iain Banks, and John Scalzi will enjoy this completed space opera trilogy about fighting insurmountable odds against an implacable enemy.

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Betrayal comes in many forms…

Accidentally given an android body, Tessa vows that she will stop humanity’s worst enemy and make it possible for humankind to return to Earth. With the help of Sirius Komisara – an alien prince with secrets of his own – she sets out to find and terminate the last remnant of the hive – an artificial lifeform developed from the murderous nanocytes used to destroy three-fourths of the Earth’s population. Falling in love again is not a part of the plan.

But the hive has evolved into HiveZ – a sentient creature with goals of their own. And first on their list is the annihilation of Tessa Graham. As she sets out to hunt down humanity’s worst enemy, and eliminate the threat they represent, she gets help from an unexpected quarter, but betrayal waits in the shadows. Will she discover the truth in time? 

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They say bad news comes in threes, but trouble can multiply.

With HiveZ on the way to the Crab Nebula and annihilation, Tessa Graham is finally ready to relax. After more than a thousand years fighting mankind’s worst enemy, she feels like she deserves a break.

Unfortunately, fate has other plans.

Jordan Hightower is a man with responsibilities – the first of which is providing for his young sister, LouAnn. He is also a quick-thinking privateer, always looking for a profit, so when he comes across the Stalwart – a vessel carrying highly lucrative cargo – he’s all in. But what he doesn’t know may just kill him this time.

When Jordan accidentally releases HiveZ to wreak havoc on the remnants of humankind, Tessa is once again forced to track the monster down and destroy them once and for all. The question is, will Jordan be a help, or another hindrance?

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