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Changelings Fantasies

Dangerous Decision

His choice will change everything.

When business-elf Malduren Boromir booked his vacation in the human realm with LifeTrade, he was hoping for a fun adventure and maybe a little romance.

What he got was far more than he bargained for.

Not only is he dropped neck deep into a terrorist plot, but his host may be the one planning it. Can he stop the threat without exposing the Fae realm? Lives hang by the thread of his dangerous decision.

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Artistic License

Art can be dangerous.

When Elsyle Boronim heads up to the human world for a vacation, all he wants is to rest and relax, with maybe a bit of tourism on the side.

Talking cars, lost children and vindictive trolls are not on the agenda.

Then again, neither was falling in love with a human, but some things are inevitable. Now he must decide if the risk is worth the reward of a little artistic license.

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Double Bind

A simple vacation turns deadly.

Kaimus Coronan is an elf on a mission – take a break from his high-pressure job as head of security for Aelfholme’s crown prince. But meeting Bridget changes everything.

Unfortunately, both Kai and Bridget are harboring deadly secrets.

Can they find a way to trust each other enough to find safe harbor, or will they be crushed by the weight of truth’s double bind?

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Twice Burned

Some betrayals deserve revenge.

This is Jaelen’s second vacation with Life-Trade, the travel agency for elves with discerning tastes.

Her first holiday ended in betrayal and heartbreak. Now she’s back to find out why. This time, her little getaway will end with revenge. How bloody it gets depends on the answers she finds.

Falling in love with a client broke all of Ragan’s rules.  Now she has to find a way to reveal the truth, even if it kills her. Can she rescue Jaelen from herself? Or will they both end up twice burned?

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