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Return to Earth

What if “they” are us? Gaze skyward and admire the stars. Is anyone out there? Questions have been asked about alien intentions. What would first contact with extraterrestrials mean for the people of Earth? Should we greet them with hostility and fear or with a hope that together we could build a bond that stretches across the cosmos? Earth’s story is littered with fantastic tales of alien contact with Earth, both past and future. Some of these tales bring light and hope, while others make us shiver with horror. But what happens when the foreign visitors look remarkably like us? From the far future to the not so distant past, these ten incredible stories blend science fiction with mystery and suspense, fantasy and wonder, history and romance. Ten stories that invite you to discover what would happen if our first encounter with extraterrestrials is with humans returning to Earth. Return To Earth is the second project of the Alvarium Experiment, a consortium of accomplished and award-winning authors. Join the authors of the Alvarium Experiment as they answer the question: How will the world react when instead of extraterrestrials, it’s humans who Return to Earth?

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