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It’s such a huge topic that I’m not sure where to start. Should I talk about the similarities and the (thank the divine) differences between COVID-19 and the Influenza epidemic of 1918? Should I discuss the way the massive amount of coverage is making me feel inundated by information rather than helped by it as […]

A Moment of Zen

Do you ever need a moment of Zen? Just a few minutes, of cool water rippling over mossy stones, laying in the sunlight, kissed by the lightest, sweetest breeze, and the gentle thought that, Praise the great Time-Clock in the sky, Tomorrow is NOT Monday. No one is knocking on the bathroom door, and there […]

XX Authors Interview: Featuring Tawdra Kandle

CLR: Give us the deets – genre(s), length of writing career, how long you’ve been writing – all the basics. TK: I’ve been writing romance in multiple genres for a long time—most of my life, in fact!—but 2011 marked the launch of my career as a published author. CLR: What made you choose romance? TK: […]

When art meets compassion, the results are joyous.

The awesome Tawdra Kandle is part of a group of wonderful authors who are raising money to fight hunger. Their new anthology is up for pre-order, just in time for a little pre-season reading, and giving. Check out the particulars below.   ***COVER REVEAL*** Available for preorder now! Releasing next month. Twelve bestselling and award-winning authors […]

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