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XX Authors Featuring: Terri A. Wilson

…paranormals are nicer to each other than humans.

CL: Give us the deets – genre(s), length of writing career, how long you’ve been writing – all the basics.

TAW: I write paranormal romance and contemporary romance I’ve been writing since 2015 and published since 2018.

CL: What made you choose these genres?

TAW: I think paranormals are nicer to each other than humans. It’s also more fun because you can really make up stuff.

CL: How do you feel about female characters? Are there any types you refuse to write?

TAW: I can’t stand whiney female characters. It’s okay for female characters to rely on their male counterparts, but not to the point of indecision. I also have issue with a female who is supposed to save the world but can’t figure out what to eat without asking her male counterpart. My female characters don’t really gossip and they’re very much into cooperation.

CL: Male characters, same question.

TAW: My male characters probably talk more than they do in real life because that’s how I want them. I also tend to write them with mental and emotional struggles that need a female touch to work out. As stereotypical as it is, they are also handsome because that’s what I want. There’s a little bit of my husband in every male character I write.

CL: What is the hardest thing about being a female author?

TAW: The sex part. It’s assumed that if you write about sex then you must be a floosey. I’ve had some people ask my husband if I practice on him and if I do then he’s very lucky. The other part has to do with being a caretaker i.e. mother, daughter, wife. There is always someone or something that needs to be taken care of and more often than not, it falls to me.

CL: What is the best thing about being a female author?

TAW: It’s a wide-open business that truly allows for independence.

CL: How does being female affect your writing – or does it?

TAW: It’s easier to tap into that imaginative and sensitive part of my brain. I bet it’s easier to remember the smaller details.

CL: What do you think about the “strong female character” trope in literature?

TAW: It’s different for everyone. I like a woman who can kick ass, but I don’t want her to be so unapproachable she’s too mean. I don’t like mean people in the real world, so I don’t want them in my stories unless they serve as an antagonistic force. I try to create female characters that I want to be.

CL: How do you treat misogyny in your writing, or do you?

TAW: If the story calls for it, I use it, but I don’t want it to become overkill.

CL: Are there any special challenges to writing female characters in your genre?

TAW: The balance between perfection and realism.

CL: What does your writing day look like?

TAW: I’m not a morning person and I’m not a night person, so I write during the day. Everything is mobile so I can write anywhere. I run my kids around a lot so I squeeze in writing when I can.

CL: Do you think the market treats male and female protagonists differently?

TAW: I think the movies do, but I don’t see that much of it in books.

CL: What outside influences, if any, do you see having an impact on your writing?

TAW: Just recently, I realized that whenever I have a “parent” in my books, they are exactly like mine, falling into a rut there I watch a lot of TV, so I’m influenced a lot by that. Honestly, I’m influenced by everything.

CL: Do you make a conscious effort to include feminist themes in your writing?               

TAW: I make a conscious effort to include love, mostly of the feminine energy, in all my writing.

CL: What themes are your favorites to include in your writing? Are there any that you come back to over and over? If so, why?

TAW: Love is Love, All you need is love, The underdog is the best character, Believe you can fly.

CL: What advice would you offer to new women authors coming up?

TAW: Think of this as a business or keep it a hobby. There is no middle ground. Never step on anyone on your way to the top. Help everyone. Trust the process and just keep moving forward.

CL: What are you working on now?

TAW: I’m finishing up the Dragon Royalty series and The Shadows series.

If you’d like to find out more about Terri and her work, check out her links below:

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XX Authors Featuring: Terri A. Wilson

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