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Conspiracy Theory, Anyone?

Our answer to the raid.

By now, most of you have probably heard about the Raid on Area 51. Supposedly it all started as a joke, but it has now developed into a possible festival of some kind.

The locals are apparently not amused and neither is the military.

Regardless of intent, attending the raid may end up being more hazardous than heroic, so the delightful Terri A. Wilson had a better idea;

  1. Gather some of the best indie authors anywhere and prompt them to write their best short story – any genre – any style – based around the mysterious desert outpost known as Area 51.
  2. Donate all proceeds to a reputable charity benefitting U.S. Veterans.
My answer to the call.

And it worked! Twenty-five authors answered the call, lending their pens and plot lines to create a wide variety of stories. From romance to adventure, to horror, we have all the relevant details on Area 51, past, present, and future. Now you don’t have to go to the raid to enjoy it. Just pick up the book, kick back, relax and read.

To celebrate the launch on September 20th, we gathered some of our favorite bloggers for a hop. Blog links can be found here. Plus, we’re having a Facebook party at the Red Hatter’s Book Hangout on the 22nd. Come and help us celebrate the raid from the comfort of your own home. (Hint: It’s sure to be fun, and there might be surprises!)

Meanwhile, keep your tinfoil hats handy and carry on.

Conspiracy Theory, Anyone?

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