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Series Review: The Devil’s Assistant by HD Smith

H.D. Smith’s Devil’s Assistant series is a winner.

The four books track the protagonist’s journey from helpless assistant to the Devil (The actual devil. This is not a metaphor. However, it’s also not your mother’s devil) to kick-ass heroine who takes very little sh**.

The writing is tight, tense and well-turned with engaging characters and a number of great surprises. The story continues through four books, all of which are out. There is some retelling in the later books of “what has gone before,” but it’s pretty well integrated and compact.

I don’t often find a book, let alone four, that consistently surprise me and/or keep me guessing. Smith manages this with ease. It is telling that I read all four within a week, immediately obtaining the next when I finished the current read. Between the magic, the realms, prophecies and time travel elements, I didn’t bother trying to predict anything, but just allowed the words to take me along for a highly entertaining ride.

The series begins with Dark Hope, followed by Darke Awakened, Dark Forsaken and ends with Dark Contender. I give them four stars each.

HD Smith is a software developer by day and an author of kick-ass Urban Fantasy at night. She grew up in South Carolina, but has called the Sunshine State home since 1997. She has a Masters degree in Computer Science, but her love of writing has really unleashed the creative siren in her soul. For more information, visit HD’s website.

Series Review: The Devil’s Assistant by HD Smith

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