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Angels in Paranormal Romance Novels: Guest Post by T.K. Lawyer

My genre, paranormal romance, is very popular; however, I find that most of the characters in these novels revolve around vampires, shifters, or dragons.  One of my author friends ran a survey asking her readers which supernatural characters were their favorites.  I was shocked to find that only 33% of her readers liked angels.  I can’t understand why when angels are so fascinating.  They are loving, multi-dimensional, powerful creatures and you can do all kinds of things with them in books.  I like to put my angels into normal, human situations to discover how they handle it.   

            Angels are so versatile; you can carve a scene around an angel or place one directly in the middle of a completed scene and the book changes in front of your eyes, adding dimension and depth you never considered.  Angels are as powerful and creative as you make them.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to these radiant characters.

            My angels have a variety of abilities. Pascalis can create music out of words — helping to soothe human beings with soft, warm lullabies they feel directly in their heart.  Pascalis acts as an open channel to impart love and strength to humans in need. 

            Another ability my angels have is that of selective amnesia. They can command humans to forget an experience for their own benefit and well-being.  Other angel characters are able to create a sound barrier for protection or privacy, or freeze a human to prevent them from engaging in something harmful.  All these acts are done out of love, and with the best intention for the human, because angels are all about love and  have the best interest for their charges and the general human population.

            For instance, in my Guardian League series, the angels who volunteer their time in the League are all Guardians by trade.  As part of the voluntary sub-set group, they proactively assist other angels in their missions, and with tragedies all around the world. 

            Angels are the most loving, fun, and generous population to write about.  They exist, unseen, all around us, so to write about their intimate worlds is an honor.  I try to use a bit of realism with this population based on general knowledge regarding angels but my books have an unexpected twist. All of my angels come to Earth and find human mates.  This aspect of my books has been controversial but, since angels are all about love and the books are purely fantasy, I figured why not?  If given the opportunity to be in a loving, committed relationship with an angel, I think most of us would jump at the chance.  I know I would.

            Another great thing about angels is they pair for life. These beings are dedicated and committed to everything they do.  Plus, in my books, angels can create anything out of nothing, so if you’re hungry they can create a meal, or money, out of air.  Orion, the main character in my latest and final book in the Guardian League series, takes his love traveling around the world.  For an angel, being in another location can be done as quickly as the blink of an eye so he takes Zoe, the woman he loves more than life, to locations she can only dream about solely to bring her joy because he desires her happiness. 

            That’s another thing about writing about this population — they are a positive and uplifting subject.  Everything the angel does is solely for the purpose of joy and comfort for their humans.  They love us so much, they will do just about anything to see us happy and that is one of the reasons why I love writing about these remarkable beings. 

About the Author:

Passionate * Playful * Paranormal

Award Winning Paranormal Romance Author, TK Lawyer has been writing since high school but it was sometime in 2011 when her writing blossomed into a career.  Craving excitement and adventure, she jotted down a few notes and never looked back.

She writes what she loves with a realistic twist:  fiery paranormal romance with curvy girls and alpha, protective, possessive males.  Each unique tale is standalone with a guaranteed HEA.  She loves to hear from her fans and invites them to contact her.  New readers are encouraged to open one of her books and dive in, enjoying the fantasy worlds she builds solely from her imagination.   

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Angels in Paranormal Romance Novels: Guest Post by T.K. Lawyer

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